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Women Died Due to Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Sergery

Plastic Sergery

Dallas, It is the desire of every woman to look beautiful and attractive. A woman died because of her desire as she has got her cosmetic surgery done from Mexico.

The woman belonged to American state, Dallas and 35 years old Lara Vella contacted with a popular Rhinoplasty Center located in Mexican city, Jorez, which carries out cosmetic surgery cheaply than America. The woman got her cosmetic surgery of her nose and chest done from here.

Laura Died

Laura Died

When she felt unconscious and the surgery was started, it was found that a mistake has been done during the process of her unconsciousness and her brain got swollen and it damaged the brain severely. According to her sister, when surgeon injected in her backbone, it was injected at the wrong position. After that her brain started affected. Then her kidneys were damaged and finally she felt severe heart attack.

The doctors at the clinic said as soon as the effect of the medicine of unconscious will be finished, everything will be got well. But her condition got worst. Then they took the help of the ventilator but it also could not work and she finally died. Thousands of people go to Mexico for plastic and cosmetic surgery every year as the operation worth 10 thousand dollars can be got done from there in about 2 to 3 thousand dollars.


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