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Top 5 Abaya Designers in Dubai

Abaya fashion is formally on the runaway and making a bold report globally! Who would have ever thinking that the Kardashians would be caught styling a abaya! Abaya designs are extra beautiful than still before, from different colors to dissimilar cuts; it can be to devastating to simply desire one! Dubai has become the fashion hub for upcoming abaya designers.


Top 5 Abaya Designers in Dubai 1 - Top 5 Abaya Designers in Dubai

NAFS designs were founded by four Emirati girls in 2012 and currently have about 78k followers on Instagram. Their designs have been very predominate in the region. Their abayas have a stylish feel to them but with a unique touch—sharp outline and unique cuts.

Manaal Al Hammadi

Top 5 Abaya Designers in Dubai2 - Top 5 Abaya Designers in Dubai

Manaal Al Hammadi is the originator and fashion designer of her own line of abayas—Manaal Al Hammadi. She first started advertising her pieces at different exhibitions. Her abayas rapidly picked up attention enabling her to enlarge her abaya creation and designs.


Top 5 Abaya Designers in Dubai3 - Top 5 Abaya Designers in Dubai

Epiphany Dubai is one more one of my favorite rising designers. Their designs became very popular amongst the many exhibitions that are held across the UAE. They then quickly picked up attention on Instagram and their designs continuously reposted.

By Laha

Top 5 Abaya Designers in Dubai4 - Top 5 Abaya Designers in Dubai

By Laha a quite new rising fashion designer in the UAE whose clothing are displayed at The Fashion Vault.  Her designs are very popular amongst different Instagram and television celebrities. What I worship about her style is the romantic touch that expresses ease and comfort readily. The soft linen fabrics and slight ruffles give that girly idealistic touch that isn’t found amongst other abaya designers.


Top 5 Abaya Designers in Dubai5 - Top 5 Abaya Designers in Dubai

The Dubai-based abaya label by Algerian designer Faiza Bouguessa stands out for its modern visual. From modern shapes to report making kimono styles, there’s an abaya for every girl and every event—you just have to separate through the frequent brands to find the right one.

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