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Ready, Set, Shoot! : Get Dolled Up With Sana Salman’s Formal Collection Meher Ki Kahani!

by Secret Closet on November 07, 2018 in Ready, set, shoot!
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If there’s one thing we know about Sana Salman, it’s that she knows how to weave outfits that ooze the feminine grace all women aim to portray when dressing up for a wedding or a soirée. Her long standing passion for designing along with her loyal motto, “A dress can change your life”, has allowed women all over Pakistan to adorn themselves with quality looks that make them feel unique and comfortable in their style quotients. Her new formal collection, Meher Ki Kahani speaks to the poingnant time of when a bride proceeds to get ready for the day she’s always dreamed of. She slowly yet excitedly leaves behind her girlish ideals of what her wedding day would be and feel like, while her entire family cries tears of joy. In that very moment, she looks and feels as beautiful as ever.

The collection holds all the works! From a color palette that’s both warm and winter friendly to classic embroidery. What we’re loving is of course the Sana Salman special of making each outfit more unique and fitting to each woman’s style. They have their fully embroidered outfits along with their simple yet statement ones. The colors range from deep blue and purple to graceful lilac and mint green. The cuts are both bold and trendy, allowing one to look traditional with a hint of contemporary fashion mixed in. So ladies, if you’re looking to find your new statement formal for the season, then we suggest you check out this breathtakingly beautiful collection. Scroll down to check out more!











Secret Closet

Secret Closet



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